Macaroni KID North Shore 2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Coming Soon!

Your one-stop shop to support local while holiday shopping!

October 28, 2023

Even though you’ve only just gotten your Fall and Halloween decorations out, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays.  My goal as publisher of Macaroni KID Bradenton is to not only be a helpful resource to parents in the area but to also support local businesses. I believe it is important to encourage families to spend their money here, in our own community, especially around the holidays.

I am excited to be working on my Holiday Gift Guide, and I would like to invite your company to be involved!

The Macaroni KID North Shore 2023 Holiday Gift Guide is a unique opportunity to reach a very targeted audience. The Gift Guide will reach over 9,000+ direct email subscribers, as well as over 10,000+ social media followers. And my fan numbers and subscribers are growing daily!

The Macaroni KID North Shore 2023 Holiday Gift Guide will begin in November 2023 and will be through the end of the year. It will be in the same format as our weekly e-newsletter and introduced in a lead article with a link to the Guide. It will also be listed as a Feature Guide in our Guides section on our website. The Holiday Gift Guide will also be its own separate category within our VERY popular Holiday Events and Festivities Guide.  In addition, this Guide will be heavily promoted on social media.

Participating in this special edition will give your company incredible visibility to parents in our area. Features of our Holiday Gift Guide advertising package include: 

* Inclusion in a feature article that will highlight each business with a direct link to their website or Facebook page.

* Guide will be listed as a "Publishers Pick" in the Guides section on the website for the remainder of 2023.

* Listing in the Holiday Gift Guide section in the Business Directory for the remainder of 2023.

* Heavy promotion through social media outlets.

* Exclusivity.  Only one representative per home-based company will be accepted.*

* Avenue to promote your new products, lines or holiday specials.

* Also, there are opportunities to get EXTRA exposure, including a feature article highlighting your business, participating in the Days of Christmas giveaway on the Macaroni KID Bradenton Facebook page and having an extended listing in the Macaroni KID Business Directory!



Your business MUST be in the North Shore area of MA

I look forward to working with you this Holiday Season!

*Home based businesses please note - I will only accept one consultant/rep per company (one Mary Kay rep, one Stella & Dot rep, etc.), and this will be on a first come basis. I will, however, accept multiple companies that sell similar items (Stella and Dot, Premier Jewelry, Silpada, etc.)